How Do I Transfer Music In To My Sd Card From Itunes?


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All the music that is stored in your iTunes library should also be stored within a separate file on your computer, perhaps in the 'My Music' folder. Once you locate where the actual file of your music is stored, the whole process of transferring this music to an SD card will be much easier.

Most laptops and computers nowadays will have a small slot (on the side for laptops and on the front of the hard drive tower for desktop computers) where you can insert the SD card.

Once it is inserted, a window will open asking you what you wish to do with the newly detected device. You should select the option that says 'Open file to view folders'. Once you have done this, create a new folder where you are going to put the new music files once you have transferred them.

The next thing you need to is to open the folder on your computer that contains the music files that you want to transfer. Then all you need to do is copy and paste the files from the computer folder to the SD card folder. It is important that you do not move the files because this will cause them not to play in iTunes anymore because the file will no longer be located on the computer. Just copy and paste the file so that it still remains on the computer.

Once you have transferred all the music that you want from your computer to the SD card, making sure that everything has finished transferring otherwise the files will be corrupted, you just need to safely remove the card from the computer and you will be good to go!

If you are transferring the files to another computer then all you need to do is to insert the SD card into the computer, open up the folder and copy the files across.
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Having trouble downloading all the stored songs at once from itunes on to memory card
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Well, first, when connecting the SD card into the computer (requires USB cable and SD card adapter) a message will appear with options on what to do with the SD card.  Click on "Open folder to view files".  Then click on Itunes and view your songs.  Once that is done, right click on a song and select, "Copy".  Go onto the SD card file window that is called "Removable disk H" and right click anywhere on it.  Select "Paste" and Taddah!  One song down, 249 songs to go (note, doesn't work with all songs.).  If this doesn't work, go onto and Search, "Transferring songs into SD card.
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theres a "itunes music" folder on your computer. All you need to do is use a sd card slot on your printer or an sd card to usb adapter and plug that in and move/copy to the sd card. (note it should be big enough for whatever you want).

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  stick the memory card in the computer or the number on the back type it in. I'm katie I'm a girl, I'm 10
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Where do you put the number on the iTunes

can you please tell me because I want to
download it on my mobile phone but
it is are m2 but I have to blag it in some
were it looks iTunes a sony ericson m2
down loader thing and my mobile phone is
sony ericson and again please tell me
or try find out how to download it
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Um, .... I think you just put in your memory card and drag the songs on it like you do with an ipod. I was trying to figure out the same thing......
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You have to put the music in a windows media player or an mp3 music player itunes hates everything that isn't an ipod

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