How Do I Add Itunes Gift Cards To My Ipod Touch And Also How Do I Use The Itunes Gift Cards To Add Music To My Ipod?


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Everyone missed the point--  How do it redeem FROM the ipod/itouch itself!
Just open Itunes on the ipod, choose MUSIC button at bottom, choose New Releases at the top.
Then at the bottom of the listing, one choice is REDEEM.  Click that and you'll get a screen to enter your gift card number.  Afterwards,  you'll notice the balance is reflected at the bottom of all pages where it shows the account name.
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Thanks for this - searched all over for the Internet for a way to enter my giftcard from ipod 3G. I stumbled upon the redeem button one night and of course when I actually need it, I coulldn't find it :)
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Ok bud, all you have to do is go to itunes homepage, and on the top righthand corner along with some other options there will be a "reedem" option click that and enter the num on your giftcard. It will automatically use the giftcard for anything you buy on itunes
hope I helped :)
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Really difficult to try and describe all you're asking when all you have to do is log into the iTunes software and follow the instructions. They are so simple even this 60 year old man did it the first time without any trouble.

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