I Forgot My ITunes Password What To Do?


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Your iTunes password is usually the same as your Apple ID password, but some people use an AOL account to access iTunes instead.  There are a few different routes you can take to remedy this problem.

The main way is to reset your password via iTunes.  This takes you to an online form in your browser and then through various security steps in order to reset your password.

The other way is to reset your Apple ID password by going directly to the Apple Support page on the Apple website or find your specific country’s version of it if you are outside of America.  If you're an AOL account holder, you have to click on the reset password button in iTunes, which opens up a browser page, and from here you can ring the AOL customer services number.

1. Open up iTunes (either on your Mac or PC).

2. Click on the iTunes Store tab on the left side window of iTunes.

3. Find the Account Sign-In button on the top far right hand of the main window and click on Sign-In.  This will show your Apple ID if you’ve previously signed in.

4. Enter your Apple ID or AOL username and then click on the 'Forgot Password?' to the right of the password entry field.  This will open up a window in your default browser.

5. Your username is needed in order to reset your password, so fill this in (if it hasn't auto-filled) and click the blue ‘Next’ button.

6. You will then need to select your authentication method, which is either email authentication or choose to answer some security questions, which you created when setting up your original account.  If you’ve chosen email authentication, Apple will send through a temporary link, which you’ll have to click to open up a secure page in your browser. Follow the onscreen instructions and you should be done.

Retrieving your iTunes password can be easy as there are several methods to try if one does not work.  This means you should be able to access it at any time, although it is best to make a reminder or hint of your password in case you forget it again.
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I  forgot ipod password can you help me. I put many password last night but none worked.
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I forgot my password so what should I do?
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I forgot my password what I need to do
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I know you can email the itunes people...but I'm actually trying to figure it out also
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Well I forgot my password too. I seriously don't know what to do. I just got an ipod touch and had to download itunes onto it, but when I go to by a song it says I need to sign in. I have the right username but when I made my I tunes account it never gave me a password. I just guessed the username.

P.S. If anyone has an answer plz help
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You can reset your iTunes password. Here’s how.

Begin by launching the iTunes program and clicking on the iTunes Store menu item in the left-hand tray of the iTunes window.

Click Sign In in the top right corner of iTunes.

Then click the Forgot Password button. This will take you to an Apple website where you can reset your iTunes password.

On this site, enter your Apple ID/iTunes account username. This is usually (though not always) the email address associated with your account. If you’ve forgotten your Apple ID/username, too, click the link beneath the box.

When you’ve entered your username, click on the next button.

You now have two ways to reset your password: Via email or security questions.

If you choose email, this will send a password-reset email to the email account associated with your iTunes account. In that case, check that email account and click on the Reset your Apple ID link in the email.

On the site that you go to, enter the new password that you want to use. Click the reset password button and your password will be updated.

Your second option is to answer your account security questions to reset your iTunes password. When you choose that option, the website will ask you to provide a number of pieces of information, including a security question, from your account. When you answer those questions, you’ll be brought to the screen where you can enter and confirm a new password.

Once you’ve used one of those two options to reset your password, try logging in to the iTunes Store with the new password to make sure it works. If it doesn’t, go through this process again and make sure you keep track of your new password.

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you can click, I forgot my password and answer your personal questions
thats what I do
or at least I did
I don't know if it works anymore
but you can give it a shot
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The same thing happened me but I never put in a security question is there anything I can do
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I need my itunes password on my iphone and it says my facebook needs updating to 3.0....I can't remember password

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