How Do You Put Songs Off Of Youtube Onto Your IPod?


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In order to put save songs or even videos from YouTube onto your iPod follow these simple instructions:

Save the song or video from YouTube by using a saving site such as , or

You can now convert the video into an MP3 format by using or another media converting site. To find more of these sites, simply type "youtube media converter” into a search engine.

Once this is done, right-click the files and select ‘Open with iTunes’.

Then, Right click on the song and select Get Info. Enter all of the song information including artist, song, album and so on.

You can then go to Google Images to get all of the album artwork, this can then be added to song info.

Once this is all done, you can now sync your iPod and enjoy all the songs you want.

The best results are achieved by not downloading more that five songs at a time, as this can cause complications to the device. Also, you don’t have to keep the songs on your computer after you have downloaded them on your iPod, leaving space on your hard drive for future downloads. However, please be aware that depending on the creative commons licence, the songs that you have downloaded may be illegal.

YouTube are beginning to put limitations on UK users, who will not be able to access music videos from some record labels. This is because of how websites are beginning to exploit the free offerings which were meant to be gaining advertising revenue. Make sure you watch out for viruses which can be prevalent on some of these websites, too.
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Okay! Good question! Follow these steps. 1. Go to Youtube      2. Go to the search box and type in the artist and song that you want. But behind your artist and song, type in free download link. 3.  Then click the first video you see with download link behind it  4. Go down to the description box and click the link they gave you. If it says MediaFire, you have a 9/10 percent of a chance to download the song in less than 2 minutes depending on how fast you PC is 5. After clicking the link, press download, then run. 6.  After your download is complete, your song should be in your files!          You must have Itunes to send your music to your Ipod            Read other answers on how to sync it there! This is just your downloading help!
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Godsake! Can't people use their brains and do it legally??? Well I have a way:
1. Download from iDesktop as QuickTime format (which is free if you sign up with the ‘free’ package - duh).
2. Open itunes and drag the video into your library.
3. Click on ‘Movies’ and the file should be there.
4. Sync to iPod.
If the message ‘movie was not copied to iPod as it cannot be played’ comes up, click on the movie. Then click on ‘Advanced’ (at the top of the window), ‘Create iPod or iPhone version’.
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I'm currentally using iPod Transfer Platinum

It is a third-party program that allow you to transfer various files like songs, videos from computer to your iPod device directly without using iTunes.

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The only way I can think of is :    1. The legal/right way : Download it from iTunes. :]    2. The illegal/popular way : Find a free mp3 website. & Look for the specific song{s} & download them there. Make sure you have virus protection. You know, just in case. :]    A good site to try:    Good luck. :]    --PS: If you're trying to find out how to somehow download them off of imeem for free - it's impossible. You need to purchase them off of iTunes or MySpace or something OR go to a free mp3 site, as I said before. Thats the only way.
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Go to limewire then download them there. When they are downloaded you can load them on your ipod! Its really easy.
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Right click then hit copy put onto sd card by pasting then load onto itunes then onto ipod simple and easy
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1.go to
2.go to the youtube video you want and copy the title (example:http:/ JynBEX_kg8&NR= 1)
3. Select mp3 format
4. Paste the title in the box convert
{there you go guys :)}
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You can go to Youtube and type the song you want in the search bar and make sure to also include WITH DOWNLOAD LINK after your song title. When you find one I suggest only using two of the websites that are able to let you download youtube music-----> and
  Simpler steps
1.Type in your song title and include WITH DOWNLOAD LINK
2. Find the one that includes downloadable link and click on the video
3. Click on the download link
4. I suggest only using the ones listed above
5. If you go to then click on MEDIA FIRE

****Hope this helps****
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