What was the first song you ever put on your first iPod?


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Dan Banks answered

I think it was probably 'Come as you are' by Nirvana. I purchased my first iPod in my teenage years when I was really into Nirvana, so I'm sure this song would have been one of the first on there!

In fact, my first iPod was completely full of Nirvana and other alternative rock acts, nowadays though I have a far wider music taste. This is true of most people, and it's also fair to assume this is precisely because of the impact of digital music, downloads and iPods!

Before the advent of downloads, music was far less accessible and more expensive! Nowadays though, people tend to have a more diverse taste in music because of digital technology. I suppose that's just one other thing we have technology to thank for!

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Adila Adila answered

Thats easy, Westlife- World of our own! About 5 years ago, and its still on there to this day on my latest iPod/mp4 player, since I have both.

Why? Because well the song is amazing! Its a Westlife party song, and makes me feel alive every time I listen to it! Just can't get enough of Westlife , my music playlist is full of Westlife and nothing more! I listen to other music too but not much, I say I have a wide range of music taste but then for a song to get on my Mp4 player it has to be amazing! And music these days is nowhere near amazing!

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Kim Snowling answered

I didn't get an iPod till quite late, I was happy with my walkman! (now you all know how old I am!)

However the reason I got an iPod was for mainly running, so I think one of the first songs I put on it was Queen 'Stone Cold Crazy.  It is an amazing song to run it has such a fast beat, it really gets you going!

Though I do agree with Dan, my taste in music has changed dramatically.  I now have anything from Eminem, Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, I still have Queen and I even have some of the Muppets soundtrack (I could blame my boys for that, but I will be honest they are happy songs and I enjoy them!)

Andrea Heatherington Profile

Probably Iron Maiden, the entire debut album. Then Mercyful Fate "Don't Break the Oath". I think I let my boyfriend put his entire music library on there after that, he bought me the iPod. I regretted that move, because I spent much time deleting crap I hated

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Jonathan Dyson answered

first song I put on was Flyleaf, I put on the entire Memento Mori
album. That was an amazing album, I still listen to constantly even now.

first Ipod I got was an Ipod touch but I got really annoyed with it
after awhile. The battery life was nowhere near as good as a standard
mp3 player and I soon sold on my Ipod and went back to the mp3 player.

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