How To Transfer Songs From Youtube To Itunes?


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If you have seen a music video on YouTube that you like, there are a number of ways to transfer it to your iTunes account for listening to on an iPod or iPhone.

1. Check whether the person who uploaded the video has added a "Download” option to the video. If they have, then this is the easiest way to transfer songs.

2. In some cases, often for professional music content such as chart tunes, you will see a link to iTunes to buy the content legally, which is also an easy way to get the music, but you will need to pay for the music in this case. YouTube only allows the upload of video files, so any music you find will be attached to a video.

3. If there is no download option or link to purchase the music, then downloading the content is against the terms of service of the YouTube website and may well be illegal, as the uploaders have either not got a redistribution license for the content, or have chosen not to allow redistribution.

4. There are a large number of websites that claim to be able to download videos and music and transfer songs from YouTube for you, either from their website directly or by you downloading an application to your PC or Mac will then enables you to download content. These applications are normally free, and can easily be found by using a search engine to look for "download from YouTube” but using them to download content from YouTube is likely to be dubious legally, so be aware.
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Install flv downloader in your computer , then IDM (internet download manager) one of the fastest download manager , then when you try to open a video or songs , a dialog box will appear which will help to download that file , Or if you want to do it manually right click then select download with idm ,if download doesnt happen, then once again right click select download last selected flv , click start download

VLC media player can play flv files
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First you can download a song in your computer and convert this song with the help of mp4 player and tech your ipod cable with computer and send a song in your ipod

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