How Do I Download Music From Youtube To My Usb.?


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Downloading music from YouTube is very easy if you know what to do. However, if you support the music industry and the artist or band who made the song then it would be much better of you to buy the CD or purchase and download the album from an online store such as iTunes.

However if you wish to download the music directly from YouTube then all you need to do is open up YouTube and search for the song that you want to download. Make sure that you find a version of the song that is clear or high quality, preferably not the music video as a lot of music videos contain scenes or noises that aren't on the official song. Preferably you should choose one that someone else has made which shows the lyrics.

Then what you need to do is to open a separate window and perform a Google search for 'YouTube to mp3'. Open up this page and then go back to YouTube. Copy the address bar that is at the top of the page and then paste it into the YouTube convertor and press convert. Once it has converted download the file directly onto your computer.

Once the download is complete, insert your USB into your computer and then open up the folder. Look in your download page to locate the files that you have just downloaded and then drag and drop them into your USB folder. However if you wish to keep a copy of the music file on your computer then you should just copy and paste them into the USB file.

If you are transferring the files to another computer then all you need to do is insert your USB stick into the computer, open the folder and then copy and paste them across into a file on the computer.
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Connect your USB device to PC, and then download music from YouTube to it using

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I just use
Audials Tunebite Youtube Downloader for the job cause this one can download youtube videos plus can also
work as a Youtube Converter and convert youtube flv to avi or whatever format I need. Audials Tunebite
also has a menu to configure individual Audio and Video profiles depending
frame rate, frames-per-second, resolution etc. To help setup audio and video
files in perfect quality.Should solve the problem for you as well.
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If you prefer not to download a software on your desktop, Flvto will be a nice choice for you. It's a web-based tool. Or you can make use of video downloader pro. It has Mac and Win version.  You can follow the guide below to work through download YouTube in MP3 and other audio formats.

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To convert any YouTube to mp3 using
the above tool, all you need do is navigate to the YouTube video of your choice
and copy out the URL of the video.

Next, you are to navigate to and
paste the URL you copied from the address bar while on the YouTube video.

Next, you hit the ‘convert’ button
and the download link for the mp3 format will immediately come up.

Hit the download link and your
favorite music should be on your phone as an audio file, now you can download
YouTube videos mp3.

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Yes, i also agree Torch browser is perfect to download videos and you can also see audio over there. Youtube to mp3 at 9 converter. It can download youtube to mp3 and next you will be copy it to your USB

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Great to know, that am not the only person who likes YouTube for music :)
So, without any doubts, use some free online YouTube downloading service. In the past I like YouTube to mp3 org, but it had shut down. Anyway, you can try some alternatives like this one

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I can recommend you a good website where you can download music for free. This site is my favorite I often listen to music, so it is important for me when I have the opportunity to download music for free. That's convenient.

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