How To Transfer Home DVD To Computer For Youtube?


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Generally the videos are saved on the DVD as mpeg2. These are massive files that generally are quite difficult to download because of their big size. Not to forget, you previously compact these files when you transferred them from VCR to DVD. Now when you put them to your computer and reload them to YouTube, the result will be disgusting.
I'll tell you an easy way. Buy a TV card for your computer. These cards have a video input jack which looks a lot like the one which is on the back of your TV and is connected to VCR and DVD player. Just attach your VCR or the DVD and start recording, they are available with the recording software. If not, get Magix movie maker. This is how you will record the DVD to your computer. But yes you will need to have software in order to make it into the YouTube format. Magix is the best option for this as well. Good Luck!!

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