Will the nintendo 3ds be able to play videos like youtube and hulu abnd can i transfer videos from my computer to it thrue the sd card?


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Georgia Stockwell Profile
I have a 3DS and it doesn't support flash player so no you can't.
But it does have a programme named Nintendo video, which collects different videos that you can watch via spotpass. On the internet you can't play games, watch/download videos or listen to/download music.
Dylan Waugh Profile
Dylan Waugh answered
I was reasearching this and they say that it cannot play youtube videos, they say the browser doesnt support flash player 10, athough you did ask this like 10 months ago, does it play videos?
Kyle Honey Profile
Kyle Honey answered
We know that it will be able to use the SD card to play info such as music, videos, and other possible things, but it is not clear as to whether it will be able to stream video through the 3DS's web browser.

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