What's eating my phone space? I have an lg optimus L70. My pictures, music, apps that can be moved are on my 8 gig sd. My phone has youtube, Facebook, gmail, Twitter, and chrome. Those can't be moved. I installed Kingsroot to uninstall useless preinstalled apps. There is nothing left i can get rid of. So I don't understand what's eating the space. I looked in system settings, it says apps are taking 1.5 gigs of space. Which in itself I do not understand because I have moved the ones I can to the sd card. I don't use my phone service or text message because i use free wifi calling and texting. The app went to the sd card. So no messages or phone call logs. I hooked my phone up to a computer to do a cleanup but that did not help. Google play store does not have rights to install updates so most of my apps are in the older version. Any other ideas on what to do?


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Phone space???? Tell us what that is and we may be able to help you.

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Wow, what a complete question edit. Now we know.
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New here. Thought it was like yahoo answer where you put the question and on the next page you do the details.
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Oh, OK. Well, you got it now. I'm sure you'll find some great answers here. Welcome to the site.
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The usual culprit for low hard drive space is huge files such as apps or videos. Tap into your phone's settings and check for the storage option. Under storage, you should be able to see what is taking up precious hard drive space. Once you discover this information, you can then work to remove any unnecessary files. Good luck!

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I'm not too familiar with anything Android related, but on iOS the problem is almost always files stored locally on the device... Videos, photos, music.

Are you sure everything you've out on your SD card isn't just a copy of what's on your phone? Is it possible backup files are being saved somewhere?

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