One of my pre installed iphone app (iTunes Store) will not open, I click on the app and it closes down every time, no matter what I try, and I can't redownload it because it is pre installed on I phones?


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Adila Adila answered

If you tried the on and off button LOL and that didn't sort it then try re-setting the device. This however you may need to contact Apple to help you reset, however make sure all your data is backed up on iCloud or what other software you use. Re-setting will delete all your installed apps anyway and bring your phone back into the condition it was when you bought it. So that means that numbers may go too!

However if you call Apple up they may have other alternatives that may work better, though that's the advice they usually give, and it takes a LOONG time because those Apple call centre people do not stop talking...and I mean about their life not the phone! LOL Good Luck!

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Shirley Rogers answered

If you are talking about pre-installed applications like Calendar, Photos, Calculator, Mail etc. Then you cannot delete it. Because inbuilt applications cannot be uninstalled.  But you can try this--- go to main menu > click on settings >click on applications> then click on manage > click on all tab >click on app which you want to delete > click on delete

All the Best!

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