What would you like Blurtit to be like in a few years time, and what role could you envisage yourself playing in that future online community?


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So far, I'm quite impressed with it. It seems to have a similar niche that Yahoo Answers has. That's my first stop when I need to ask a question. I think that Blurtit needs to mould it's niche around the community aspect a lot. Yahoo Answers obviously has quite a strong sense of community, with points etc, but its so huge and spammy now (plus the trolls are everywhere!) it's hard to sift through the rubbish and find the quality.

I would like to see Blurtit become a place where quality information can be found, as well as a stronger sense of community. If the sense of community comes first, above all else, and becomes the very core of Blurtit's ethos, then it will have a distinct advantage over Yahoo Answers, who have forgotten the quality control of their community.

In terms of my role, I would like to be a member who is considered  reliable source of information, as thus be one of the members who is the first port of call for answers. I manage communities on G+, so I think I would like to help in community quality control too.

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Dan Banks
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That's exactly what we're after. I agree with you about Yahoo answers, there certainly is a lack of trust when it comes to reading their content - due to the spam and trolls. Building a sense of community is our main goal, whilst at the same time building a website with quality content.
Christian Bell-Young
Agreed. There just needs to be a more careful monitoring of quality in all senses of
the word.
Kathryn Wright
Kathryn Wright commented
Great to hear that you feel the same as we do Christian. We essentially want to be as helpful as we can be to people looking for answers. We believe that has to come from a trusted community built with members like you who just want to be as helpful as possible. We are working hard on the best methods of moderation as we feel the quality bar needs to be set high from here on in.
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I'd like new owners who would run this site properly.

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Dan Banks , Blurtit community manager., answered

Obviously I would love to see Blurtit become the best it possibly can, and be as helpful to as many people as it can be. Here are some things which I would really like our great site to become:

  • I would really like Blurtit to become a place where people will come to read quality and trustworthy content - traits that have escaped some other Q and A sites. Increasing the quality level of content on our site benefits everyone. It gives our users the chance to share and exchange information, and it gives fly-by visitors useful and quick answers to their questions.
  • I think Blurtit can become a hub of opinion, debate and advice. Yes, factual questions and answers are important, but the answers to these questions can be found almost anywhere on the web. Blurtit has the potential to become the place where people can go to read helpful and stimulating information about sensitive, controversial or highly personal topics. Something which Wikipedia cannot cater for.
  • As a community manager at Blurtit, I would love to see our user base expand into a large and welcoming community that everyone can feel at home in. Blurtit can be a vehicle to promote a sense of community amongst our users which will help to promote the sharing of helpful and quality information. Eventually, I wish that using Blurtit becomes almost 'natural' for people.

As an employee of Blurtit I hope I can play an active role in implementing these changes, and to help Blurtit realise its potential. I will certainly be doing this by promoting and improving the communal and social aspects of the site.

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