I've got a Samsung Galaxy Ace. I've run out of storage on it. I've deleted apps and messages. I've tried moving my apps to an SD card but it won't let me. How do I get more storage? Can I buy something?


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The Samsung Galaxy Ace is a great phone but is let down by lack of storage, it only has 1gb as standard, and this will fill up very quickly.

The best thing, in my opinion, would be to root your phone, you can learn how to do this on Android AuthorityThey are extremely trustworthy, so just follow their instructions carefully.

Please remember that this will void your warranty and you do this at your own risk. It can go wrong, though many people do this.

After that, look on google play for an app that will force most things to move to the SD card

Unfortunately, not everything will move, as some are built only to be stored in the phone memory, but it should help a lot.

The only problem with storing apps onto the SD card is that they tend to run more slowly from there than when in the internal storage. 

Also be careful not to un-mount the SD card while you are moving things as this can lead to files being left behind and cause apps to crash.

There is also a method of moving files to the SD card without the need for rooting; I have included a video on how to do this below, I hope it helps.

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