About to get a windows phone (Nokia Lumia). Any thoughts about the mobile windows platform and it's apps?


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My friend has the Nokia Lumia 920. I have seen it and looks like a
very nice phone. Probably has all the apps you would needs but my friend
said theres a quite a few apps that are on android and iphone but arent
on windows.The customizing on the phone is really cool. You dont need a
case and its pretty strong.

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Windows Phone is the best Phone as well as a good platform to work with.

The only draw back in this, is the lack of apps as other platforms have  number of apps on the store.

But this situation is changing and Microsoft started concentrating more on Windows phone development which tempted them to the acquire Nokia devices and services as well.

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Hey Princy, I removed the backlink from your answer, but otherwise not a bad submission.

I tried contacting your sales agent (Arun) at http://www.contus.com/ to see if he could pass me on to whoever is in charge of your marketing/SEO (with the hope that I could encourage some expert answers without the spammy links - so a win-win for both you and our community), but he closed the chat session when I enquired...

Any reason why that might have happened??

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