How do you feel about the Windows 10 upgrade?


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I just installed it today. So far, so good. My only complaint is that Verizon email has a glitch when opened with MS Edge. The left side section of the email page is blank, there are no files there. I spoke to Verizon today and they are aware and working on a fix. To get around that, I just log on to my email through Firefox.

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I'm running it on one of my PC's and it seems to be OK. I like the Edge but not the automatic updates which I have disabled. It also doesn't run a few of my games either so I kept them on my other unit. Some security issues but nothing that won't be corrected quickly. A few small glitches, but not bad. No Media player and you have to buy an App for one, so there are some things that Microsoft has figured out how to make extra money on. So far, it's OK. I still like 7 better.

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No, you don't have to at all. 7 will still be getting support till 2020. I keep 7 on my gaming PC because it wouldn't play a couple games and they were slow. I have it on another one and play around with it but I still think about another 6 months of work needed to be done on 10.
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Thanks cowboy :)
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You're welcome, pilgrim ! :)
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I've had mine since last Thursday and am pretty happy with it. The Australian release doesn't yet have Cortana (hopefully it'll come in a few months) and that's a bit disappointing.

Microsoft's new browser may well be an improvement on Internet Explorer -- certainly the ability to make pencil or types notes on web pages is a step forward -- but it isn't good enough to tempt  me to leave Firefox. I ain't fickle.

Solitaire (the only computer game i play) comes with ads now and the option to disable them for a fee.

And -- I think this is part of the upgrade -- it comes with a free trial of Microsoft Office. Don't be trapped. There's nothing free about it. You get a trial OK but then you have to RENT it from MS for about $90/per annum. (Dunno if that's $A90 ur $US90. It might be cheaper in the States.

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