Has anyone upgraded to Windows 10? Do you like it, or should I skip it?


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I upgraded from Win 8.1 and like Win 10 much better. Well worth the download.

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Personally, I dont think 8 or 10 are as good as 7, And I think XP was really good, but is too outdated now. Except there is still a lot of windows XP embedded. geeks or workers might know what I am talking about!
Ancient Hippy
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I never used Win7, I went straight from a Vista computer to a Win8 computer. I have a couple of friends that still use and love XP and never want to change. Unfortunately, support and updates for XP has ended.
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W10 is great. I'm very happy with it.

My only regret (and that's temporary) is that Cortana is not yet available in Australia. They're having problems with our accent, apparently.

If you like using Internet Explorer they seem to have improved it some, but it's still lagging behind Chrome, Safari and ta-da FIREFOX.

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Ancient Hippy
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Agree. I still use Firefox, so much better than Edge.
Didge Doo
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I forgot they'd changed the name to Edge. But the name change wasn't enough to bridge the gap. Even so, I do like the ability to write on the web pages. No doubt the others will soon provide the same function.
Ancient Hippy
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It's probably only a matter of time.
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No since i have a chromebook but i saw windows 10 in videos and it looks much better than windows 8 (which i have tried)

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Thanks everyone! I guess I will be downloading it later today.

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I hear that Windows 10 has tossed out some programs that they feel are outdated, yet that many users will miss. That's what holds me back from upgrading.

Do any of you 10-converts miss any programs at all? And which ones? Thanks.

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Ancient Hippy
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There is no more MS Works preloaded and the old solitaire is gone. I downloaded OpenOffice and use that.
Linilla Schmidt
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Thanks. I'll use this & much advice when the time comes that we HAVE to up grade to W10 (the time will come sooner or later, right? maybe in 1½ years from now, says my brother-in-law)
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Love it, but "Edge" (New Browser instead of Internet Explorer) needs help.

Best to install Google Chrome as your main browser after you upgrade.

Windows 10 is a combination of Windows 7 and Windows 8 . . . It's light weight and fast, you can install programs or DOWNLOAD and install Apps.

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Windows 10 will not allow you to use the downgrade Firefox version 56.02 and this was the only version of Firefox that would allow you to use the legacy add-ons such as Status 4 Eva, Navigational Sounds etc. I tried using Firefox 56.02 when i reset my Windows 10 and it wouldn't work.

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