Can I Transfer Pictures / Video From Nokia N96 To Apple Iphone?


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James Kent answered
The easiest way to achieve this is to firstly plug the phone into your computer through the USB cable that came with the Nokia N96 phone. The phone should then automatically go into USB mass storage mode.

This makes the phone act like a normal USB memory stick. You can then click onto the phone’s files and go through and find the photos and videos you wish to transfer over. Once you have allocated them, simply click the mouse and drag and drop all the photos and videos onto your desktop. This may take several minutes depending on the file size of the photos and videos you are transferring.

Once all photos and videos have been successfully transferred to your desktop, eject the Nokia phone and attach the iPhone via the apple USB cable to your computer. This should automatically load up iTunes. Once iTunes has recognised your iPhone you can drag and drop all the photos and videos from your desktop over to your iPhone’s memory.

Please note you may not find the photos you have transferred to your iphone appearing in the ‘camera roll’ section on your iPhone as this is only for photos and videos that have been taken or recorded using the iPhone.
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lu lu answered
If they are all the MP3 format (music), and MPEG format (image), then they can,
Yet if the formats are not the compatible format supported by iPhone, you can't.
And you need an iPhone video converter to convert the files to the correct formats to move to your iPhone.
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chou Lily answered
Yes,you can.

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