How Do I Transfer Blueware Jar To My Iphone?


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Sam Easterbrook answered
To transfer Blueware jar to your iPhone, one of the easiest methods is to connect it to your iTunes on your PC or Mac and ‘drag and drop’ the icon onto the phone. The other way with  an iPhone, is to go on the web on your iPhone and download it directly on to your phone.

Blueware jar is the first spy software to be created for spying on phones. It can be downloaded freely from When you download it, it will tell you that you need to transfer the programme Blueware jar on to your phone for it to work.

I would be careful, however, when downloading this software to your mobile, because there are reports that it is a scam site. People have bought Blueware, and then not been able to find the file Blueware.jar to then transfer to your phone.

Programmes like this are not legal and I would advise you to proceed with caution because stuff like this can give your computer viruses and other nasty unwanted side effects because of downloading it.

Spying on other people’s phones is never a good idea because if you are caught doing this then the consequences could be severe. 

There is no clear way that I can find of successfully getting Blueware.jar on to your iPhone without going on the net on your iPhone and downloading it that way. But please be careful and think about what you are doing before you download.

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