Can I Buy An Apple Iphone From Dubai ? If Yes, From Where In Dubai?


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Yes, you certainly can. You can buy Apple iPhones from several different types of outlets. These latest mobile phones can be purchased at Dubai airport as well as handsets at very reasonable prices from specific mobile shops in the country. There are several shopping malls in Dubai from which you can buy iPhones easily. If you are staying in a hotel you can ask the concierge to direct you to the best place where you will be able to buy an iPhone.

Apple, under CEO Steve Jobs, has become a worldwide phenomenon and they are rumored to be launching the iPhone 4GS/5 in the fall of 2011. This redesigned iteration will be even more powerful and will bring even more applications for you to choose from and install.

Apple also manufactures and sells something called Apple TV, which is available to consumers in most developed countries. This is a device and service which people can use to view on demand programming which is streamed directly from Apple's high-speed servers. Apple has dominated the mobile phone market in recent years and is set to double in size by 2015. The Ipad 2 is another new Apple product which has just been put on the market and has  a massive list of features and functions for consumers to enjoy.
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Yes sure you can buy Apple Iphone as well as other latest mobile phones from Dubai in both pin pack condition as well as used sets at very reasonable prices.There are a number of shopping malls from where you can buy easily.I am reffering you site from where you can select the nearestshopping mall you can visit.Addresses and contact# are also given as well as location is also mentioned.
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Do you know if I am moving to Dubai from Canada and have an iPhone can I activate it in Dubai?
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Yes! Just go to the APPLE shop in IBN Batuta Mall - near The Gardens.
I bought my MacBook Pro there 2 years ago. Staff are excellent and know their stuff.

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