Where Can I Get A Cheap Iphone ?


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Websites such as this one: www.cheap-iphone-deals.co.uk are usually good for getting cheap deals on products such as iphones. You could also try eBay or Amazon, which offer cheap prices for both brand new and second hand items such as iphones. This website: www.cex.co.uk may be worth visiting. It's a buy, sell and exchange website that may offer some deals on iphones. They have stores worldwide so you can even use the site if you are based outside the UK. Hope this helps!
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Tina F answered
Hi just thought I'd give people an update on this.
I eventually (due to my lack of funds) decided to attempt to get an iphone for free, and went to the website recommended by Wayne (Waf43).
Its only 2 weeks on and I am now the proud owner of an iPhone ... Wooohooo :->
I went to www.freeconsoles4all.co.uk (as recommended by Waf43) and gave it a go.  I got a few friends and a few family members to sign up for me and I clicked on the order button on wednesday, my iPhone arrived on friday :-> yay! At a total cost of £10
Just a heads up for anyone else who (like me) doesn't have the funds but wants an iPhone (they do other stuff to, ps3's and games consoles etc .... But I'm not interested in any of that)
Ta everyone
A very happy Tina :->
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Wayne A answered
Hi Tina,
I got my iphone for free from www.freeconsoles4all.co.uk

I know people are sometimes sceptical these sort of sites, but I can vouch for this one.
Take a look and see what you think.  It helped me :)
Failing that, try ebay (but that will cost you)
Hopefully that helps you.
Wayne :)
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You could probably find one on ebay.
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Eddie Instone answered
Hi o2 is the only place you can get an iphone from but.... You probably can get them second hand off ebay. But if your looking for a great way to save money, I know a site that is great for vodafone promotional codes

You can save money with a load of the different offers available.

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I personally suggest you to go for cheap iPhone deals. Under this deal you will get any specific iPhone at an affordable rate. And also you will be provides with various free gifts like computers, mobile phones, XBox etc. Not only this, under cheap iPhone deals you can also get free offers like free messaging, reduced roaming cost, free talk time, free internet accessing. This deal will satisfy you in all manner.
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iPhone got the new phone trend in the market and the versions that it is releasing to update people phone usage is really grabbing the eye of the world every time. This iPhone is also available in portals which sometimes people will be able to get in discounts. The exclusive sale that stores like Souq conduct is the right time grab the chance and order these phones in no time. Souq offers to help those iPhone wanting people to get it at reasonable prices.

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First of all, you need to decide if you are willing to settle for a Used iPhone.

Alternatively you can get slightly used or almost new iphones for slightly higher prices.

There are some places you can buy refurbished iphones as well

I recommend checking out www.thriftycomputer.com/cell-phones.html/apple/ I have seen iphones there for $241 which is the cheapest I have seen it online.

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