Is It Possible To Print From My IPhone?


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It is very possible to print from the iPhone.  With the latest iOS 4.3 update, Apple has included wireless Air Printing that is accessible from most apps within the iPhone.

This includes as standard: Mail, Safari or Photos.  However, this is only possible through a Wi-Fi connection to a compatible wireless printer.  There are still a few cheap or free printing apps available from the AppStore should you want to use those too.  More importantly, if you don't have access to a wireless printer and want to print via USB, Apps such as PrintCentral Pro can do this for you.

This works in conjunction with it's companion application installed onto your main computer, which is downloadable from their website.  From there you can setup communication between your USB printer and your iPhone.

The easiest and best way is through Air Print on the iPhone's iOS 4.3.

Just open up a browser page in Safari, Mail or Photos, to find what content you want to print off and then select the box icon with a little right facing arrow.  From this menu you can then select to print the page that you're on.

Once you have chosen to print, a dialog box comes up which allows you to select your wireless printer.  The iPhone automatically scans for available wireless printers in the vicinity, so be careful which one you choose!

You can also chose how many copies you'd like to print off in the tab below.  Just press the + sign to increase the amount of copies to print off.

It is very easy to print from the iPhone, wherever you are in the world, as long as you have access to a Wi-Fi broadband connection and a suitable wireless printer.  You can now make documents portable and make a hard copy whenever you need to.
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Yes, it is possible to print from the iPhone although you'll need one of these iPhone printing apps to do it. There's a fairly limited choice at the time of answering, ie. 3 apps, and some are more fully featured than others.

However, I think it would be difficult to disagree that Air Photo (link opens in iTunes App Store) is the best iPhone app for printing currently available.
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Thanks!!!! I'll see which printing app works best for me if they're not too pricey! :)
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Yes, just select the printer in the bluetooth settings
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Yes, there are a few apps out there now but most are limited, best I have found is ePrint, there is a free version if you wish to test it, I use it via wifi to my wireless printer and it works fine but some applications like exchange email and calendar you have to copy the content into a note to print it, as mentioned, not ideal but best I have found so far.

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You ofcourse we can print with the help of data cable by connecting it to the system if v hve printer
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I just found an app called CalPrint, it enables you to do this. It works great with my wifi printer and can print day, week or month views here is a link to the developers website
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You can't. IPhone has a bluetooth feature however you can only bluetooth to other iPhones. So even if you wanted to bluetooth to a bluetooth printer. Its not possible. I'm sure that someone will come out with an App for that feature soon though. You can print pictures though once you transfer them to your computer using your USB cable. So I guess you can take a screen shot of safari on your iPhone (holding down the home button and the power button). Then that is now a picture.
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Send it to your e mail check your email on a computer with a printer and printer

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