The Letters Size In My Facebook Are Small How To Make Bigger?


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Unfortunately there is no obvious way of changing the font size, like you can on something like a word document. However if you do the following computer keys combination you can make the Facebook page bigger all together and so the font will obviously be bigger and easier to read.

The computer keys combination is:

- Hold the control key
- Also hold the shift key at same time
- Finally press the '+' key while holding the first two keys

This will make the whole page larger so it should be clearer to read.

Also if you are viewing on a phone such as the iPhone then you can actually you the zoom action to make the writing a lot bigger. If you don't know how to zoom in on the iPhone it is fairly simple. Use your thumb and first finger and do a pinch but in reverse. Pinching makes it smaller so do the action the other way round will make it zoom in.

Like mentioned earlier, is always changing and so if enough people have complained about the small font then they are likely to either change it completely or give you an easy option to select to view text larger. Therefore keep an eye out for any updates or new options that may appear on your page in the future.

It is quite simple to enlarge the font on Facebook and any other websites. Depending on which internet browser you have depends on whereabouts to look.
You need to find either a little spanner at the top of the page, or it could be a percentage sign which may even be at the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Both will do the same job. The percentage sign should default to 100%, so if you want to enlarge the font you simply click on the + sign and enlarge the percentage. If you have the little spanner icon then it's the same process except you click the spanner and then adjust the percentage. To revert back to normal font afterwards you repeat the same process but put back to 100%. Also, another easier way is to hold down Ctrl and tap the + sign until you get the font size you require.
According to a reliable source, Facebook made an update to it's website a while ago, suggesting that by using a smaller font, the site would be more efficient. There was no pre-warning that this was gong to happen apart from a note on Twitter. There have been a lot of comments from Facebook members regarding the change, more negative than positive. When asked to explain exactly how the site would become more efficient with smaller font Facebook declined to answer. Some say that the smaller the font size means Facebook can fit more posts that appear on one screen in the news feed. So if you are one of the members that are not happy then let Facebook know and maybe if they get enough complaints they may even revert back to the original font size.
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You need to press ctrl and + together to make them bigger.  Ctrl and -  to make them smaller again. For some strange reason there is no settings option on facebook to fix this.
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I have a answer ok hold ctrl and scroll up with your mouse it will zoom into it
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It should work the same way for Facebook as for any other page. You do it differently depending on which web browser you are using at the time - Firefox is the simplest. You can find instructions on enlarging fonts with different browsers here.
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I have installed Win 7 and my facebook print first was changing with the wheel, than grew so small can't read it and stayed there. I would like an answer too.
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You are wrong, I have once seen someone using a font in facebook and gmail...

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