How do i get the faunt letters to be bigger on my computer, it,s so small i can,t hardley see it. What dio i do to get my letters bigger?


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A simple fix for most systems is hold control key and select + to zoom in or - to zoom out.
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Laura Estrella answered
Well, for Windows, right click on your desktop, select properties. Then click on the "Settings" Tab. You can adjust the screen resolution. Or, there should be another tab right next to the settings called "Appearance", and at the bottom, it should have a drop down menu that lets you select a Font Size.
I don't know which OS are you using?if its Windows Xp then try the below statements:
Click right on your Desktop->select properties->you wil get a property window
in that window select Appearance tab->you wil find a Font-size drop down menu-->then  select the corresponding font -size which ever you feel comfortable...and if you are using Linux then follow the below steps:
Open terminal
Change font by clicking--> settings, font
Save font by clicking --> settings, save as default
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Arthur Wright answered
Down in lower right hand corner of your screen is a number maybe 75%, 100%, 125% or whatever and just to the left of that number is a plus sign , click on that plus sign and see what happens
LYDIA HALL answered
Go to control panel on the start up list and go to ease of access display appearance and display  its down on the right of the screen where you can change zoom level to 100% 75% or less

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