My Printer Prints Letters To Small How Can I Make Them Larger?


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It depends on your printer, but you could first investigate the size of the letters on the word processing software you are using. The most common word processing software used today is Microsoft Word, given that it’s compatible with pretty much all computers on the market today. Microsoft Word gives you the option to increase the size of the font you are typing in, so you could try increasing the font size on the software before you send it to print. You will need to highlight the text that you want to become bigger, and then choose a larger number in the size drop-down menu, to the right of the font drop-down menu.

If this doesn’t work, then it’s evidently a problem with your printer. You will need to have a look on the software options that came with the printer software when you bought it. Chances are, you were provided with specialist software to go with your printer when you bought it. You would have installed this software, as it would have included the drivers that make the printer work with your computer. Open up this software, and have a look in the options section. Chances There may be a setting in there which will be having an effect on the size of the letters that are being printed.

You could also consider using the hard buttons found on the printer itself. Printers usually feature a small screen on the top, with some buttons. Choose the options button, and check some of the settings that appear on the screen on the printer. You never know, there may be an option on there that will remedy your problem straight away.
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My printer prints letter to small my printer is a HP office jet J 3680 All in one I want to make

the letter larger how can I do that

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