How Do I Enlarge Print Font Size On My Printer?


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Getting the font size of a document wrong can result in costly reprinting of draft after draft. To avoid this, the font size for printing can be adjusted within the program the document was created in by using the provided Print Preview function.

The first step is to open the document to be printed. Clicking the Print Preview button on the toolbar, or clicking on File and choosing Print Preview from the options on the drop down list if the button is not available, will open the preview screen.

This screen will show what the document will actually look like when printed. If the font size is not satisfactory, the preview screen has to be closed again, using the Close button.

The whole document then has to be highlighted. The font and/or font size can now be changed by clicking on Format and selecting the Font option from the list.

This will bring up a panel allowing various changes, from changing the font itself to font size, spacing, thickness and colour, as well as giving a variety of other options such as all caps, subscripts, superscripts etc.

A small preview area allows users to see what any particular font will look like within a text, or when using italics etc. This makes it possible to try out several font options without having to keep leaving the panel.

Once a suitable font has been selected and a size deemed to be appropriate has been determined, clicking OK will close the panel and apply the changes to the document.

Going back into the preview screen will show if sufficient changes have been made. This process can then be repeated and font size can be adjusted until the preview looks as desired.

The printed document should then look exactly as viewed before printing.

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