How To Enlarge Print Displayed On My Screen?


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The simplest thing to do, if the print is in the internet browser, is to go to the bottom right hand corner where ‘100%’ usually is, and adjust accordingly to 125 per cent, 150 per cent or 200 per cent or even 400 per cent. There are also ‘zoom in’ and ‘zoom out’ options which vary the size by 10 per cent each time.

For Word, the same option is available but, as the text is user-controlled, you can amend the font accordingly either by highlighting the text and right-clicking to select the font option in the drop box, or change in the print size box between the font type box and the bold/ italic/ underline options.

If you find your sight is failing, causing the enlargement of normal-sized print, see your optician or doctor who will recommend glasses or operations (in the worst possible case). Myopia (short sightedness) may be genetic or caused by visual stress. Eyes need to exert a great deal of effort on text, and significant strain may lead to myopia and reading glasses. To prevent this, make sure you take regular breaks as you read and let air into the room, if you are indoors, in order to oxygenate the eyes too and keep the capillaries in them healthy.
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If you mean the text size while surfing the net - the easiest way (if you have a mouse attached to computer) is to hold the Ctrl button down and then scroll your mouse wheel. You'll quickly see  the text size either increase or decrease depending on which way you scroll the  mouse wheel. 
Alternatively, using keyboard only, again hold Ctrl button down and then use the + and - buttons on the number pad (or above the letters), in the same way + to increase, - to decrease.
Depending on which browser you're using there is also usually an option to increase/decrease text size either in "Tools/options/content" in Firefox or under "View/Text size" for Internet Explorer.
If you were referring to general text size on your computer screen desktop, you should be able to change the screen resolution through "Display Settings" in the "Settings" tab. To access Display Settings, either right click desktop and choose Display settings, or you can also get there from Control Panel/Display.
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My printing on the email I get is so small, what can I do to enlarge the letters?
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All printing is too small to read
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Click view,text size,pick size you want. Or hold down ctrl and scroll your mouse wheel.
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Cannot find the percentage sign.  Where is it located?
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The size that is printed on a paper is what you have commanded your computer to do, so to increase the print size you will have to increase the size of the contents you have written on the paper. Increasing the size of the letters or any pictures is a very easy process and only thing that is required to do is to go on the upper part of the screen of the monitor.

On the upper part you will find that some number is written in association with the percentage sign. The number goes from hundred to five hundred and by clicking on this number you can increase the size of the letter and in consequence you are increasing the size of the print.

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