How Can I Enlarge Font And Size Of Window?


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Increasing the font and the size of the window is very simple. For increasing the size of the window, you need to click on the 'Maximize' button which is placed on every window on the top right corner of it. It is the middle button and the other two buttons next to it are 'Minimize' and 'Close'. To increase the font of the size, you need to do a right click on the desktop and select 'Properties'. In the 'Properties' section, select 'Appearance' in the menu bar and then click on 'Advanced'. Here you will be able to increase and decrease the size of the fonts according to your needs. After you have selected the size of the font, click on 'Apply' and the font size of every window will increase.

The other way of increasing the font of any window on a temporary basis is by holding the 'Control' key on the keyboard and scrolling the scroll of the mouse upwards. This way the font will keep increasing as you scroll up.
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To enlarge font size of the window is usually refer as customizing your desktop; it is done by some easy steps:
1: click start then select settings then control panel.
2: click the display settings icon and then display properties windows will be open.
3: Then select the appearance tab.
4: Then on the left side of the window there will be a combo box for font size.
5: So change the font size to your desired size.
6: Click ok to save these settings of the window.
7: You can change the color of the window by going to the advanced button in the appearance tab and then select window in the item combo box.
6: To change the window size, you have to manually maximize and minimize the window size.

You can enlarge the font size also by another way, right click on the desktop,then click properties,then click on the appearance and in the font combo box button you can change to normal large and extra large font. And then press okay.You can also do this by changing the screen resolution.And to maximize the window you can just do this via clicking the maximize button on the upper right hand corner of the window.
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I need to enlarge the typical font size from present (2) to perhaps(3) or (4)

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