How Can I Enlarge Print On Mac?


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  • Where to look for help with Mac computers

This link should be able to help you out massively: . Not only should it be able to help you with your current problem, but also with any others you may be having, as it contains many different walkthroughs for the majority of issues that you could ever come across when using your Mac computer.

The website also contains help and information for other Apple products should you need it.

  • About the Mac computer

The Macintosh computer, or Mac as it is more commonly referred to, was initially introduced to the market in January 1984, where it was the first personal computer to include a graphical user interface as opposed to a command line interface, and a mouse.

It was produced by the company Apple, who are well known for their technological advancements and equipment throughout the world.

  • About Apple

An American corporation initially established in 1976, Apple is well known not only for its line of Macintosh computers, but also for the range of iPods, iPhones and iPads that they produce and sell.

Their extremely recognizable logo, an apple with what seems to be a bite sized chunk removed from it, has been used by the company since 1976, but is not its original attempt at creating a visual caption; previous to 1976, an image of Sir Isaac Newton perched beneath an apple tree and encapsulated by a banner bearing the company's then name, Apple Computer Inc, was used.

Apple has had many trademark related problems with similarly named company Apple Corps ltd, which was started by the Beatles in 1967. These issues arose due to both their similar sounding name and similar looking logo and resulted in a succession of lawsuits, ending finally with the most recent in 2007.

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