How Can I Open RAR (.rar) Files On A Mac?


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.Rar is a tool that compresses files and makes them small in size. In order to open a .rar on Mac, you need a software like StuffIt Expander. It is really good if you are using Mac OS X. This program is built-in and will help you to decompress .rar files on Mac. This software not only opens .rar files but also open many other compressed file types. One can also try decompression tool like UnrarX to open .rar files on a Mac. If you can’t find any then download RAR software, which can expand many archives at once. Whatever software you use, just open .rar files on the Mac by dragging and dropping the file on the icon of the software. The rest of the work will be done by the software. It will decompress the files so you can work with them. Mostly these soft-wares come along with Mac. If you can’t find it there then these are easily available in the market at very reasonable price. Or you can also get them free from different websites like from
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RAR is the native format of WinRAR archives. Like other archives, RAR files are facts and figures containers, they store one or more than a few documents in the compressed pattern. You need a software which would really work on Mac.

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