Is There An Apple Store In Dubai? If Not Then Where Should I Buy A Red IPod Nano From In Dubai?


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Yes, don't panic, there is an Apple Store in Dubai, it opened at the IBN Battuta Mall, and it is called the MAC STORE. It should stock a full range of products and include a learning centre and an area for Apple products to be repaired. It is also often referred to as the Apple Centre (it is in China Court).

If you cannot purchase one in Dubai, then I advise you to use two other methods, why not go online and purchase it from an online apple store, OR purchase one (probably cheaper) on Ebay?

The Apple Store in Dubai is owned by a third party called Arab Business Machines. But functions in the same way that all Apple Stores do. It doesn't look like an Apple Store, it certainly doesn't have Genius Bar, but they could certainly order you whatever Apple product you were looking for.
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There is a store in Ibn Battuta, a store in Dubai Festival City (DFC), a store in Dubai Mall, and a store located on Sheikh Zayed Road. I think there might be more stores, yet those are the locations that am sure of.
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Go 2 iStyle in Dubai Mall in front of Ed Hardy.
Near Ice Rink
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I just want to know that whats the price of iphone 3GS in dubai?
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