How Much Is Apple Ipod Nano 8GB ( 5th Generation) In Dubai?


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Lynn Blakeman answered

I found an iPod Nano 8gb version on Dubizzle for AED 300 and there is another one at AED 290. Both are not brand new it is true, but both claim to be flawless.

However, if you want to buy one from one of the big international sites like Apple themselves or Amazon but are worried about shipping costs, whether they will ship to your country etc. I think I may have found a solution

Shop and Ship is a website that allows you to enjoy the benefits of online shopping from any given countries website, as if you actually live there!

The company offer you a personal address in the UK or US so you can order online and your order will be accepted as it will look as though you live in one of these countries. They then ship your goods to you for what they say is a competitive rate. The other thing is that if you have ordered several items, you can ask the company to wait and ship them all together which would save you money.

I hope that helps.

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