What Is The Apple Iphone 3G 8GB Price In Dubai?


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The current price of the iPhone 3G 8GB version in Dubai is around 2200 AED (600 US$). However, this price can obviously change with time so it is best to check the current price on websites such as

The iPhone has revolutionised the cell phone and mobile industry. The full touch screen design and the invention of 'apps' brought instant success to the iPhone.

Many other competing companies have tried to recreate the full touch screen design. There is not a similar market to the iPhone apps in the form of the android marketplace.

When owning an iPhone it is very important to take care with it and look after it as if it was your computer or laptop as it costs about the same amount. The big value of the iPhone means it is very appealing to criminals, and in particular street muggers. Therefore when using an iPhone in public you should always be discreet and be aware of your surroundings and any dangers.

With the introduction of the aforementioned applications, or 'apps', the iPhone has become much more than a phone to call and text with. Thousands of games are now available to play on the phone as well as countless gadgets that can help with everyday life.

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