What Is The Price Of Iphone 4g In Kuwait Now?


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The iPhone 4 is available in Kuwait to either buy outright, or as part of a package with a contract.

• Buying an iPhone 4g outright

If somebody wishes to purchase an iPhone 4 outright in Kuwait it is likely to cost approximately KD299 for the 16GB version, and KD359 for the 32GB version. These are the prices for the official iPhones and they are delivered from the country of manufacture. The iPhone can take approximately 2 weeks to be delivered; this is because of the popularity of the iPhone in Kuwait.

• Taking an iPhone 4 as part of a contract

This option enables the iPhone 4 to be received for free, but a contract of up to 24 months must be entered into. Companies in Kuwait that offer the iPhone 4g as part of a contract include Asia Cell Telecommunications Company, and National Mobile Telecommunications Company.

• The iPhone - prices compared

Two major outlets in Kuwait stock the iPhone for purchase direct from the shelf. These stores are Eureka and Alghanim electronic stores. The 16GB version price of KD299 is equivalent to over $1,000, whilst the 32GB version, priced at KD359 is equivalent to over $1,300. The price of the iPhone if purchased in the United States is a lot less expensive. The price of the 16GB version is $199; whilst the 32GB version will set people back $299.

• iPhone 4g

The phone is a touch screen phone that was developed by Apple. New features on the phone include video calling and the ability to hold vast amounts of media such as books, music and movies. The phone uses the same operating system as its predecessors and the display screen is 3.5 inches.
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There are different websites and companies offering different prices, so I've found the best way to find a good price is to type 'iphone 4g kuwait' in a search engine and look at the different links to compare prices. If you like to click here for example, you will find a list of phone prices, but these are not necessarily the most competitive - you should look around.

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