How Do I Put Photos From My Ipod Onto My Computer?


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Yes,I have a great recommendation-Aniosoft ibackup,which allows you to transfer your photos from ipod to any storage device but also music,videos,podcast and etc. Can be transfered to any storage device .Hope it hels. Good luck.
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Transfer iPod/iPhone/iTouch stuff to computer or recover lost or missing music, backup and restore all of iPod/iPhone/iTouch content I recommend you this ipod Transfer. This software can keep your iPod/iPhone safety.
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To put photos from your ipod to your computer you need to have some accessories of your ipod. 1st thing you should mention that what type of ipod you are using to take the pictures or transfer the pictures. Usually to transfer the photos from the ipod to the computer a data cable is used which is usually provided along with the ipod. If you do not have an ipod data cable then 1st you need to buy one.

You can buy the data cable of ipod easily from the accessories store where the accessories for the ipod are available. The 2nd thing you need to have is the software Cd for your ipod. When you connect your ipod with the computer, you need to install its drivers onto your computer so that computer recognize the ipod and work with it properly. The installation Cd is provided with the ipod. Also the data transfer software is provided in the Cd. With the help of that software you can easily transfer photos from ipod to computer or vise versa. If you still have any problem, you can ask about it later.
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