How To View Cookies On Ipod Touch?


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The manual for your iPod Touch or online Apple Support website will be able to give you detailed information on every area of your iPod including how to view your cookies. To view your cookies you have to accept them on Safari, then go into Safari and pick 'view cookies'.

  • What are cookies?

Cookies are a unique tracing system that leaves a 'fingerprint' of the websites and apps that you have visited. Your iPod uses this to anticipate what sites you will visit in future and also stores personal details such as usernames and passwords. Too many cookies can slow down the workings of your iPod, with regular checks part of the security cycle for your iPod.

  • What is an iPod touch?

In an era of fast moving technology the iPod touch became an icon with its unique design and touch tone screen creating the leap from mobile phone to mobile computer in an easy to use and attractive format.

The touch tone screen introduced a new phrase into the language, the app, short for application provides free and subscription information with two touches. All major companies are now working on bringing out their apps, realizing that it is essential to reach the lucrative teenage and twenties market with their high levels of disposable incomes.

  • Is it a phone or computer?

It's neither - it's an iPod. Again this innovation from Apple has broke the trend and created something different from the streams of almost identical cell phones that have been churned out for decades.

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