How To Disable A Password On A Ipod Touch If Forgotten On The Old One?


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It can certainly be frustrating if you have forgotten your password and therefore can't access your iPod touch, however don't panic there is a fairly simple way of bypassing the password.

If you follow these steps you should be able to use your iPod touch again.

- First find your usb cable and put one end in your iPod touch and the other end in your computer
- Next head to 'My Computer', or if it pops up automatically when plugged in, click on the file
- Open the iPod drive that is usually located as the F drive
- Open the folder that is marked 'iPod_control'
- Then open the folder that is marked 'Device'
- You need to rename the file marked '_locked' to '_unlocked'

Once you have followed all these steps then you should have an unlocked iPod touch once more.

If you prefer watching step-by-step guides in the form of videos, you will find many helpful guides about unlocking an iPod touch on

Some of these video guides can be found at and

If you have tried both the step-by-step guide and the advice given on the video tutorial and you still can't gain access to your iPod touch then it may be worth taking it along to an Apple store. They should be able to take off the password for you and shouldn't charge for this service.
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Restore Ipod. Duh lols
1. Put your Ipod in DFU mode,by holding the lock/sleep button, and home for like 10secs.
Or wait until you see a itunes->usb pic. itunes
3.It will say "An Ipod is detected in Recovery Mode, you must restore it. Hit "Ok"
4.Hit "restore"
6. After the restore do Apples given instructions.
7.Now if you still see the Restore picture, either wait and lock the ipod a few times, or restart the Ipod.
Thanks, Your Friend, Np

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