How To Fix A Disabled Ipod Touch Without The Password?


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An iPod touch can become disabled by entering the passcode incorrectly too many times. This will lock the iPod and disable it until you can connect to iTunes. The same will occur if you forget your password and can not gain access to your iPod touch.

  • How to fix it
You can fix this problem using your PC or Mac and connecting to iTunes. You will need to make sure that your iPod has enough power to complete the recovery process so it's a good idea to charge your iPod a little before starting the recovery process to get your iPod working again.

Connect to iTunes and put your iPod into recovery mode. You can do this by switching your iPod touch on by pressing the home button and holding the button down until you see a 'connect to iTunes' screen.

A window asking if you would like to go into recovery mode will then come on the screen. Click yes and your iPod will then be reset. You will then have to activate another password for the iPod touch.
  • Recovery mode
Recovery mode will lose all of your data from the iPod touch apart from the music stored on iTunes. All other data will only be saved if it has been synced previously with your iTunes account on your computer. You must put the iPod into recovery mode on the computer it is registered with; as this is where the data is stored for the iPod tunes device.

Many people ask how to fix a disabled iPod touch without the password and this may be something that happens a lot but if you do not have iTunes or have access to be able to download iTunes, you will have to take this into an apple store to get fixed.
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Hold down the home key and power key then plug the cord to your ipod to the computer then get on itunes and restore it
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How do I fix my disabled ipod touch everytime I plug it on to itunes it never pops up to say restore

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