How Do I Reset An Ipod Touch 32gb If I For Got My Password?


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Start by turning off your iPod. Despite not being able to control it properly, you will still have the ability to switch off the device. Once you have done this, you need to press and hold the home button on the iPod Touch. You will find the home button on the bottom of the iPod Touch. It is a circular button with a square design. Whilst you are holding down this button, plug your iPod Touch into your computer by using the USB cable that you were given when you bought the product.

Keep holding the aforementioned home button until you see the 'Connect to iTunes' screen appear. Once you see this screen you can release the home button. You will be prompted to click 'OK' when you are then shown a 'Recovery Mode' alert screen.

On the computer you will need to click the iPod in the left column that is found under the 'Devices' part. You then need to click on the 'Summary' tab which is found at the top of the main viewing pane in the iTunes software.

You're nearly finished. You just then need to click the 'Restore' option. This is found in the dialog box that should appear automatically. Then, you will need to click 'OK' in the dialog box that appears once that iPod Touch has actually finished restoring. Complete all of these steps and you iPod Touch 32GB will have been successfully restored and made ready to use again.

Many people believe that once they have lost the password for their iPod then it is never usable again. These steps prove that the iPod is truly flexible in these terms and as long as you have your music backed up, forgetting your password really isn't that much of a problem at all.
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What if you forget it and try typing it in and then its rong and it locks up and says connect to itunes then what????
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Go to Settings and then General, after you pres general scroll down and you should see Passcode Lock, Click that and enter the passcode that you have now and then when you get in press Change Passcode enter your old passcode and then you new one and there you go.
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I have a Itouch myself and in that case if you do screw up your password you can just visit the nearist IPod store and they will can help you out a-ton. Cause that happend to a friend of mine I told him to do that and now it works just perfect.

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