How Do You Fix Error 28 On The Ipod Touch?


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There are two ways that Error 28 can be fixed on an iPod Touch. Error 28 is a hardware problem that occurs with Apple products, including the iPod Touch, and the iPhone.

  • Jailbreaking
This is the process of removing any limitations that have been installed by Apple, and allows the user to gain root access to the operating system of the iPod. This is normally required when people are trying to run software that is not official Apple merchandise, or has not been authorized for use on Apple products. Jailbreaking is legal, although if somebody jailbreaks an Apple product, it will invalidate the warranty of the product. When an Apple product is put through the jailbreaking process the hardware is not actually modified, and restoring to the previous operating system by using iTunes can reverse the process.

  • Returning the product to Apple to fix
This is the best way to solve any hardware issues with Apple products, as jailbreaking invalidates the warranty. Apple products are factory sealed and only authorized Apple personnel have access to be able to repair certain elements of their products. Any attempts to open the products also invalidates the warranty.

  • iPod Touch
The iPod Touch is a portable media player designed and distributed by Apple. The player, which is able to access games, music and video is also a digital assistant, and to date has sold over 60 million units worldwide. The iPod Touch was the first iPod to have wireless access to iTunes, enabling users to be able to purchase and download applications.
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As per my understanding Error 28 is a hardware most likely you will want to return it to Apple for a replacement.This error is new to iTunes 8.2, on previous iTunes and with earlier firmware you would just stay stuck on Waiting for iPhone - basically iTunes is getting no response from the main iPhone board. Repeated attempts may eventually get it to restore, but as this could be down to an underlying hardware issue your best bet is to return it for Warranty replacement.

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