How Do You Un Mute An Ipod Touch?


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Rajat Khosla answered

Solution 1: Some people said it was the headphone
jack was stuck or something, but all I had to do was (don’t have any
headphones plugged in) hold the black button on the top of the ipod to
turn it off. Then you hold it again to turn it on and if you go to your
music you will see the internal speaker volume is all the way down. Turn
that music up!!!

Solution 2: If the above solution does not work
someone also left a comment saying that if you hold the Up Volume Button
it may magically turn on.

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luv hlp answered
What gen(generation) is your ipod touch. I never saw a setting on it that will totally mute the ipod before. Just in case try going to settings. Click General, then go to sound effects. Make sure that Both is checked with a check mark. If that doesnt make a difference get out of general(still in settings) and click music. Go to volume limit, and make sure its off. Also make sure Sound Check is off. Make sure that you have the compatible headphones also. Also make sure the volume is up high enough (you already no but ehh it wont hurt lol). HOPE THIS HELPS.

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