How Can You Get Safari Bookmarks Off An Ipod Touch And Transfer Them To A PC?


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If you have the ipod touch 3.0 software that you can download at  for $4.95 then

Click on the Safari app
Hit one of the bookmarks
When it finishes loading the page go on the top of the screen and copy the URL
When you copied that URL then click the home button.
Go to the Mail app
And then send it to someones email or make a new email to send
When you go on your PC go on the email that you sent it to, or sent it to someones and ask them to forward it to you
Then when you see the email from someone forwarding it or from you sending to the email you make copy the URL you sent then paste it on the URL browser.
Hope this helps, I know it sounds like a lot of work but the only way how I can think!Have a nice day! And have a merry Christmas! =) =) =)
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I appreciate the help but I have over 1500 bookmarks I'm trying to save from losing. I think I figured out how last night though. I'm working in the idea now.. Thanks again for the help though.

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