How Do I Transfer Pics From My Nokia 6235i To My PC?


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Aisha answered
I fail to understand why would you like to use email for transferring pictures when you can use a much simple way. Just connect the pc to your phone with the help of the data cable. Install the software provided with your phone and it takes only a minute for transferring the pics from phone to pc.
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Emraan Varshani answered
You can connect your phone to PC VIA 2 methods
1) through DATA CABLE
2) through BLUETOOTH Device
Another option is through EMAIL SERVICE.(if you wish to transfer mms, sms, or any pics.)
Also there are Nokia installer Cd's are available , which is must for at least have to install nokia software only for once, then try to connect your cellphone to pc, am sure with the help of the nokia installer, you will be able to see your cellphone is properly connected.
If you don't have a data cable or Nokia installer Cd, then enquire for the same..

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