My Computer Doesn't Have A Port For A Sd Card. How Can I Transfer Pictures From My Pc To The Sd Card?


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Some older computers don't have built in memory card readers. If they do, the manual will explain where and how to insert the card If your machine doesn't have a bit in reader, a card reader with a USB connector can be purchased for a very modest sum. In either event, when the emory card is connected to the computer, it will recognize the additional storage device with a pop-up. If you do not wish to use any of the options offered, close the window, and click on the 'Computer' icon on your desktop. This will show all storage media connected to your computer, including the memory card. It then becomes a matter of copying files either onto or from the card just as you would with a CD

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Thank you, I did purchase a card reader, followed these instructions and attempted to download some pictures for a digital picture frame. Even though the computer says the hardware is installed and the device is working properly, when I try to open the drive, it said "no disk in drive". I did all of the troubleshooting to no avail. I just kind of wonder if the card readers might be defective? I bought 2 of them (identical) and both have had the same result. I even removed them using the control panel and reinstalled them and the same thing happens. I just don't understand what else I can try. Does anyone have a suggestion? I really wanted to give these digital picture frames out for Christmas preloaded with pix. Thanks for any response.

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