Where Do You Put A Camera Memory Card In A Lap Top?


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A lot of laptops these days are designed to be able to read memory cards so that all you have to do is insert and install it. The kind of laptop you have will affect how the memory card is used. Most laptops are compatible with most memory cards, these include SD, XD, MS, MS PRO and MMC.
To insert the memory card, find the slot on the laptop or computer. There should be a small slot that the card will fit into either on the side, back of front around the keyboard. All you have to do is insert the card into it and the computer should start reading it.
To open files saved on the card, open ‘my computer’. Sometimes the files may start up automatically depending on the computer and your settings. In my computer you will see the name of the card. Double click and your files should be available.
Memory cards are normally a great way to save and store data from a camera, mp3 player, games consoles, mobile phones and many other digital devices. Data may be stored on them and opened up with an item such as a laptop for other purposes.  They come in different styles and sizes to fit your chosen device and sizes can range from 16 MB to 20 GB. Memory cards are not too expensive to buy but the cost is dependent on the size and type of card used.
Memory cards are a great way to transport data but be aware they can also carry viruses. If you are still struggling to find the slot on your laptop, read the manual that came with the laptop or alternatively read it online. If that fails, any computer shop will be happy to show you if you take it in.
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In the memory card reader slot which is on the side if it has one( It will me markesd "SD". If does not have one you can buy a cheap external reader that you can hook up to the laptop with a usb cable.
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There are laptops that has what they call a "Magic Gate" where you can insert a Memory Card or an SD Card. If your laptop doesn't have such feature, you'd need to buy a USB card reader. Hope that helps.

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I really need 2 but don't know where 2 put it ?
My laptop is an asus x58l ?
Does my laptop have it

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