How Do I Use My Memory Stick?


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Memory sticks have loads of useful purposes no matter what type of person you are or what your job is. You can store all your favourite music on them, use it to transfer projects or essays into school, college or university from home or you could use it to keep certain documents or information safe from prying eyes. But using one is not always the most simplest thing to do.

When it comes to choosing your memory stick, you need to decide what size is going to suit your lifestyle. They come in a variety of sizes and their memory capacity is stated in gigabytes (GB). The bigger the gigabyte number, the more data it can hold.

Get into the habit of backing up your new work every day. You never know when disaster is going to strike and you could end up losing a week’s worth of important work.

Now to start using your memory stick, then insert it into the USB port that should be located on the side of your laptop. If you have a desktop computer then the USB ports should be on the front of your hard drive tower. If you can’t spot it then have a look round the back.

A little window should open that gives you a number of options that you can do with your memory stick. You should click ‘View files in folder’. This will open up your memory stick to show you everything that is saved on it. If you have the file opened up that contains the documents you want to back up, then you can just highlight these and drag and drop them into the memory stick folder. They should copy over.

If you want to save the documents directly then all you need to do is open the document. Select ‘file’ from the top left hand corner of the screen and click ‘save as’. Then find your memory stick from the drop down list of files and then select save as. Once your files are saved, just remove your memory stick and take it wherever you want.
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You insert the USB Flash Drive into a USB slot on your computer or laptop. Then a window will pop up then 'Open folder to view files'. And then if you want to give someone a file Right click the file you want to give and click 'copy' and go to the USB Flash Drive Window and then Take the memory stick and plug it into another computer and drag and drop it onto there desktop and
there you go.
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We have a 3 year old dell desk top; I think it’s a 1500, in the church office. It can’t see my “ativa 2.0 GB” memory stick on it.  I use the "ativa" in several other machines with no problem. The church Dell sees my “Kingston” and “DataTraveler” but no matter what I try, the “ativa” just doesn’t show up. If I start the machine with the stick in place, the light blinks but it doesn’t show up in ‘My computer’. Is there a driver I can down?
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Umm does anyone know how to save stuff from your laptop into your usb stick.?
Mines is sandisk 4gb. Thanks
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All you do is plug it in and then a window will open. So you will press 'open files' then click on 'yes' it should work, if it doesnt then there is something wrong with your memory stick.
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I am unsure of the sequence to store information from my PC to my memory Stick,could you advise on the correct proceedure.

I have a 1gb Stick

Appreciated    Roy
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Well the memory stick you r talking about its called a USB. It works like a removable storage device like floppy or a CD. But it has a lot more space then a simple floppy or a CD. To use it you simply have to plug it in the USB port which you'll find in front or back of your CPU. Its like a slot like opening you have to plug your USB there. When you plug that an icon will appear in which will ask you for different functions you can choose open files and in that you can see what data is present. From there you can do anything with your data like you do it in your hard drive data:)

hope you got it:)
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You need a memory card readers to use and see the data on your memory disk. The memory card readers comes with usb cable which will connect you to the computer and then you can access your memory stick from your computer.
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A Memory stick is just another type of flash memory. Do you have a card reader on you PC or laptop? If it doesn't have one, or the one it has does not accept the Memory stick you need only to buy a card reader. It Will come with a USB cable that will connect to your PC or laptop. Open MY COMPUTER on your desktop. Plug in the cable (Give it plenty of time )(at least a minute) to completely install--you should see a group of drives appear in the MY COMPUTER window....and then plug in the Memory stick. One of the drives will show it. Pay attention to the letter E,F,G, etc so you can remember it next time. At This point you can double-click the drive (memory stick) choose "OPEN" when the window appears and then simply save anything you want onto it. Most memory sticks and other flash drives today are capable of saving mpg music files, documents, photos, and even video to a point. Be sure to CLOSE the device on your PC before removing it or you may lose your data. You can now plug it into another computer and access your files. You can buy a memory card reader at most office stores, or online at e-Bay. You don't have to spend more than $10-$20. Hope this helps.

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