Can I Store Pictures On A Usb Flash Drive?


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Cindy Thompson answered
Yes you can. I just recently bought a new flashdrive that holds 4 GB. I'm trying to transfer files and burn a DVD of all my pictures to give to my children. I hope that you have fun with your project.
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Suhail Ajmal answered
Yes you can save any file, pictures or text on USB Flash drive. A flash drive is just a portable drive where you can save all the data which you can save on the hard disk.
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Photos were downloaded to my flash drive but when I take the flash drive to the photo printer and put the flash drive in the machine it does not recognise the photos and it reads blank, but when I plug it into my computer the files are there, I have tried to open them in different programmes like adobe reader etc but it still doesnt work in the shop machine, it doesnt make sense, can anyone help me please!
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