How Long Will A Memory Stick Last?


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USB memory sticks are amazing but can handle only so many write, erase and rewrite cycles. They are strongly built, but just like any other product, they can start to wear down over time. The good news is that you will probably have several hundred thousand rewrites before the stick dies, but they can start to wear down long before that. The time it takes to wear out depends pretty much on how much you use the flash drive, speed of your computer etc.

Your USB memory sticks, or flash drives, are the same technology as the rectangular memory sticks that are in your digital camera, digital music players, PDA's and cell phones, which have a similar life expectancy, again depending on usage.

With 8Gb memory sticks it won't be long before you can carry your entire database around on your neck or on your key chain and computer will just be a slave with an operating system!

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