How Can I Check What Memory I Have In My PC?


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The memory amount in a computer system can be checked in a number of ways. The following methods can be used for PC.
1. When we start the computer we can see the BIOS messages. Along with BIOS message we can see the memory amount in KBs (Kilo Bytes). But in some systems this information is hidden. We can convert KBs to MBs (Mega bytes) after dividing it by 1024.
2. We can see the memory after starting our operating system. If we are running windows operating system then we can check it by running NotePad, Paint, Calculator and etc. Start any of the above mentioned programs and select HELP -> ABOUT from file menu. The last line of the dialogue box will show "Physical memory available to windows is xxxxxxx". This will also in KBs. xxxxxxx will be the amount of memory.
3. We can see the memory using Task Manager. Press Alt + Ctrl + Delete and select Task Manager and select performance tab. In this tab you can see the total physical memory available, used memory and available memory. You can also see the total virtual memory available in Commit Charge (K) section. In task manager we can also see the number of processes and applications running.
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  You can easily find about the memory configuration of your computer by either opening the Device Manager which can be accessed by clicking on Start > Control Panel > System > Device Manager. Below the "General" tab you will find some information which also shows information about RAM on a Windows XP operating system.

  It is very necessary to know how much memory you have on your computer. Memory better known as RAM will help you to determine how fast your computer can work. The more the memory better would be the performance of your computer. The performance of the memory is between seen when you are accessing several files simultaneously. For instance, if your computer is configured with less memory; watching a movie, listening to songs and surfing on the internet at the same time will slow down the performance of your computer. So it is very essential to increase the memory of your computer.

  If you would like to view how does the RAM look like click on the following link:
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You can check how much memory is in your computer in different ways.
Just right click on my computer and then go to the properties option. When you click on properties then a new window will be open. At the end of that window you will see memory size as in my computer it is 512MB RAM.

Above method is very simple but there are many other ways to do that. But I would like to mention another simple method.

Click on the start button on your desktop, list of menus will be open, just click on Run and type the command "dxdiag" and press enter. A window will be open and there on the first page you will see "Memory" Memory size will be written there.
Dxdiag is a very useful command. It gives you all the details about that computer. For example, processor speed, memory size, it will tell you about BIOS version, It will tell you about the operating system which you have installed in your computer, it will tell you about the DirectX version. This command allows you to check the audio system on your computer is working fine or there are some errors and you can check whether your computer supports direct sound or not.

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