How Can I Tell What Bios System I Have On Pc?


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There are two ways in which the version of BIOS that one is using can be identified through windows itself. The first is to open start menu select programs, accessories, system tool and then system information. In the system screen the summary can be seen on the left side and the related contents on the right. Another way is to scan the registry. Windows normally stores the BIOS information that it has loaded under the system registry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEHARDWAREDESCRIPTION. The relevant system registry sub key SystemBiosDate/SystemBiosVersion/VideoBiosDate/VideoBiosVersion.

Another method is to hit the delete key or the F12 key when the computer is started or restarted. In this way the BIOS menu can be accessed and the required information acquired from source. The BIOS version is normally required by technicians to better understand the system.

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