How can I see Cricket sent text message on my PC?


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Meg Hayes answered
I am not sure whether it is entirely possible to see text messages that have been sent to you online by Cricket. The only way that you will be able to see them is on your phone as the person you have text from the PC will only be able to reply to your cell phone, not the computer.

  • What is Cricket?
Cricket is an online text-messaging service that allows users to send texts messages to mobile phones at any time during the day. Everyone loses their phone or doesn't have enough credit to send a text to any type of phone. Cricket was invented so that text messages can be conveniently sent online up to five people; as long as you have a Cricket cell phone plan.

  • How to use Cricket
If you want to send a text over the Internet then you can log onto the Cricket website and once you do this you will be able to easily send out texts when you log onto the Internet. The Cricket text message form can be easily accessed by clicking on the following link:
  • Prepaid cell phones
In order to use the Cricket online text messaging service, you will need to already have a Cricket cell phone on a contract. There are loads of different cell phones to choose from so that you can find a contract to suit you. You can access the Cricket cell phone shop by clicking on the following link:
If you don't want to buy a cell phone over the Internet then you can go into one of the many Cricket stores to test out the cell phones before you buy them. If you click on the following link: you can use the store locator to type in your ZIP code and find the store that is closest to you.

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